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Zoological Museum of Baranja

31327 Bilje / Kopačevo
Kis Ferenca 11
Parent institution: The "Kopački rit" Nature Park
Museum profile: natural history
Founded: 1973

Category of the museum collection: C
Category of the museum building: C
Approximative number of museum items: 1000
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
The Baranja Zoological Museum in the unique natural reserve of Kopački rit, rich in plant and animal species, is housed in the adapted building of the Cultural Hall. A permanent exhibition of an open, diorama type had presented the flora and fauna of the region, a valuable ornithological collection with rich collection of birds' eggs, a collection of hunting trophies, osthaeological specimens of skulls and fishermen's accessories and gear.
The collection had some interesting specimens of cold steel and firearms from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
From September 1991 to the first half of 1997 the museum was on the temporarily occupied territory of the Republic of Croatia, inaccessible to museum workers and protection agencies.


The building and the holdings had remained on the occupied territory. Reports on any possible protection carried out with respect to the holdings were not sent in.
During the occupation no information was received as to the state of the museum and its holdings.
After the return to Kopačevo in May of 1997, the damage to the building that had housed the museum was determined. The museum exhibit was devastated and the holdings were either destroyed or had disappeared.

Building damage:

Shrapnel splinters damaged the facades, windowpanes were broken, electrical installations were destroyed and the interior as well as the environment of the building was full of garbage and dirt.

Structure damage:

The pre-war exhibition at the museum was devastated to a smaller part because of the damp and lack of professional care during the six and a half years of occupation and, for the most part because of intentional devastation and theft of exhibits.
The collection of birds' eggs is destroyed (most of the eggs are broken), as well as a part of the ornithological collection.
Hunting trophies and the collection of skulls have disappeared.
The valuable collection of 17th and 18th centuries weapons has also disappeared.

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Kopačevo, The Baranja Zoological Museum
Ruined collection of bird's eggs, 11/97
(Photo: Davor Javorovic)

Kopačevo, The Baranja Zoological Museum, 1998.

(from MDC's photograph library)

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