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Baltazar Bogišić Collection of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

20210 Cavtat
Knezev dvor, Obala 18
Telephone: 020/ 478 556
Fax: 020/ 478 556
Parent institution: Institute of Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Dubrovnik
Museum profile: biographical
Founded: 1909

Category of the museum collection: A
Category of the museum building: B
Number of inventoried museum items: 36,257
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 4,156
Microfilmed museum inventories: yes
The museum holds collections of prints, paintings, ethnographic items, applied art, old weapons and the library of Croatian scientist, collector and bibliophile Baltazar Bogisic (1834-1908). The museum is housed in the renaissance Ducal Palace, dating from the 16th century.
From October 1991 to October 1992 the museum was on the temporarily occupied territory of the Republic of Croatia.


There were no possibilities for evacuation. The collection holdings were packed in crates and stored in the ground floor of the building. Some of the minor collections - hand-written documents, incunabula, a numismatics collection, prints and works of the embroidery workshop were stored in four family houses in Cavtat.

Building damage:

The main roofing of the Prince's palace was damaged during the 1992 mortar attack.

Structure damage:

All the holdings have, because of the fact that the building was not aired due to the war, suffered from excessive damp. A leather belt decorated with carnioles, restored in the pre-war years, is badly damaged. A part of the holdings, stored in the family houses, was found by and ransacked by the occupying army. A revision of the holdings done in November of 1992 has shown that two hand-written documents are missing.


Ethnographic collection - 1 damaged object.

Books collection - 2 missing objects.

Damaged collection details►

Cavtat, The Baltazar Bogisic Collection
Damaged bridal belt (19th century)
Photo: Jozefina Dautbegovic

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