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Local History Museum and Kerdic Gallery

35400 Nova Gradiska
Trg Kralja Tomislava 7
Telephone: 035/362 205
Fax: 035/361 784
Parent institution: Narodno sveučiliste "M. A. Relkovic" /The "Matija Antun Relkovic" Community Education Centre
Museum profile: local history
Founded: 1972

Category of the museum collection: C
Category of the museum building: C
Number of inventoried museum items: 584
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 9142
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
The museum is situated in a 19th century town house, and holds an archaeological, ethnographic, cultural and historical and fine arts collection.
During the five war years the museum was exposed to artillery attacks from the nearby occupied territory.


The selection of museum holdings was carried out. The most valuable items were packed in four metal crates and evacuated out of Nova Gradiska.
The rest of the holdings were stored in the safest part of the museum building on the ground floor.
Inventory books and documentation were photocopied, copies deposited at the MDC.
* Evacuated items were returned to museum on September 15th 1993.

Building damage:

October 6th 1991
In continuous artillery attacks on the town, shell shrapnel damaged the museum building. All the windowpanes were broken, sanitary facility destroyed. A part of the roofing was destroyed, so that rain seeped in through the first-floor ceilings.
November 15th 1991
A direct shell hit destroyed the south-western part of the roof and tiles, approximately 20 square meters.
December 21st and 22nd 1993
Two shells fell near the museum and caused total damage to the woodwork of the western, courtyard part of the building. Shell shrapnel had damaged the front facade, the profiled window jambs as well as the interior of three exhibition rooms in the western wing of the building, their walls and ceilings, and lightning equipment was also damaged. Roofing and tiles were shaken, so that rain is now seeping in.

Structure damage:

Shell shrapnel had directly hit and damaged four paintings from the gallery holdings, and broken a reconstructed archaeological vessel. Weapons, stored in inadequate ground floor rooms, has rusted and developed wormholes.

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Nova Gradiška, Local History Museum and Kerdic Gallery.

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