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Našice Local History Museum

34500 Nasice
Pejačevicev trg 5
Telephone and Fax: 034/313 414
Founded: 1974

Category of the museum collection: B
Category of the museum building: A
Number of inventoried museum items: 602
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 61
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
Museum is situated in the Classicist Pejačevic palace, built in 1812. It has an archaeological, ethnographic and natural history collection, and an especially valuable cultural and historical collection, displaying the history of counts Pejačevic and Isidor Krsnjavi, born in Nasice.
Museum was subject to artillery attacks and devastation from the nearby occupied territory.


All preparations for the evacuation of the most valuable museum holdings were done. The rest of the holdings were placed in the basement of the museum.
In collaboration with the Institute for Restoring Works of Art from Zagreb, a part of the items of fine art from the museum, as well as a part of the Isidor Krsnjavi collection were evacuated out of town.
* The evacuated material was returned undamaged to the museum on February 22nd 1995.

Building damage:

September 20th and 21st 1991
During the fighting around the Nasice military base, the Pejačevic palace had also been damaged. It was hit by a guided missile on the western side, below the tower cupola. The missile had passed through the wall and dug itself into the other side. Shell shrapnel damaged front facade of the palace, windowpanes were broken, the woodwork on the windows was damaged as well as the metal roof covering.
October 1991
During the attack on the town, the front facade was damaged again, some windowpanes were broken; woodwork and the courtyard wing were damaged.

Structure damage:

In the evacuation of the holdings because of the danger of attack, a painting by Isidor Krsnjavi, "Madonna with Child", was slightly damaged.

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The Nasice Local History Museum
The damage to the Pejačevic Palace after the shelling, 9/91
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