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Slatina Local History Museum

33520 Slatina
Setaliste Julija Burgera 1
Telephone: 033/551 278
Fax: 033/551 278
Parent institution: Centar za kulturu /The Community Education Centre
Museum profile: local history
Founded: 1984

Category of the museum collection: C
Category of the museum building:
Number of inventoried museum items: 252
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 716
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
Local departments:
LISICINE, Museum collection (memorial house of national hero N. Miljanovic-Karaula: weapons, medals, papers, personal belongings, ethnographic items in the kitchen).
VOCIN, Memorial room of the 21st Slavonian Brigade in Vocin (no original items, only photographs and documents).
The museum is of a recent date, and items are still being collected and catalogued. It is housed in the interior of the castle of the counts Draskovic. The museum also holds an ethnographic collection and a collection of recent history.
From September 1991 to May 1995 Museum was exposed to aerial and artillery attacks from the occupied territory in the immediate vicinity.


All museum holdings were properly packed and stored in safe rooms in town. Because of circumstances, it was impossible to evacuate holdings from the local departments

Building damage:

November and beginning of December 1991
During massive aerial and artillery attacks on Slatina, because of detonations in the vicinity, the ceiling construction on two floors of the Draskovic castle had caved in.
December 13 and 14, 1991
During retreat, the enemy had burned down buildings in Lisičine and Vocin, in which local departments had been housed.

Structure damage:

Holdings from the Museum were not damaged.
In the local department at Lisičine, 25 ethnographic items and 13 items from the collection of recent history were destroyed in fire (weapons, parts of clothing, documents, etc.)

Damaged collection details►

Burned building of the Lisičine Museum Collection.

(from MDC's photograph library)

Burned building of the Lisičine Museum Collection.

(from MDC's photograph library)

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