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Stjepan Gruber - Local History Museum

32270 Zupanja
Savska 3
Telephone: 032/837 101
Fax: 032/837 101
Museum profile: municipal
Founded: 1953

Category of museum collection: C
Category of museum building: A
Number of inventoried museum items: 3,466
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 2,500
Microfilmed museum inventories: yes
The museum complex is housed on the bank of the Sava River, in the Watchtower and Agency buildings, connected with a garden. The Watchtower dates from the 18th century, and is the only preserved building of its kind in Croatia. The Tower had served as the quarters and the office of an officer during the period of the Military Border. The neighbouring Agency building served as the offices of harbour, border and customs officials.
The museum has an archaeological department, a cultural and historical, a historical, an ethnographic and a fine arts department, as well as a library.
From 1991 to 1996 the museum was exposed to artillery attacks from the occupied territory in the immediate vicinity.


The buildings were marked with signs prescribed by the Hague Convention.
The museum holdings were selected, and the most valuable items evacuated out of town. The rest of the holdings were stored in the safest rooms in the museum. The museum documentation and archival documents were packed and stored in a private house. The inventory books were microfilmed (one copy is deposited at the MDC).
* In the middle of 1997 the evacuated holdings were returned to the museum.

Building damage:

During the war, mortars had frequently fallen in the immediate vicinity of the museum buildings, which were threatened by frequent explosions of floating mines in the Sava River.
July 1992
A shell that had fallen in the immediate vicinity had caused damage to the roofing of the Agency building and the Watchtower. The static stability of the roof beams was disrupted, chimneys and roof tiles shaken.
All windowpanes were shattered.
March 1993
The deactivation of floating mines in the Sava River had caused further static disruptions on both buildings, damage to roofing, and windowpanes were again shattered.
August 1993
A tank shell that fell in the neighbouring courtyard had caused new damage to the Watchtower roofing. A supporting roof beam had been thrown out of place, chimneys shaken, some of the windows thrown out of place, window hinges and woodwork damaged. Shell shrapnel had damaged the wooden railing of the Watchtower balcony.

Structure damage:

A part of the holdings had suffered minor damage after being stored in inadequate, damp ground floor rooms. Damage due to transport was discovered on the holdings returned to the museum in the middle of 1997. 


Weapons collection - 8 damaged objects.

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