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Zadar Regional Museum

23000 Zadar
Poljana pape Aleksandra II, bb
Telephone: 023/433 239
Fax: 023/433 239
Museum profile: regional
Founded: 1832

Category of museum collection: B
Category of museum building: B
Number of inventoried museum items: 7,468
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 10,641
Microfilmed museum inventories: yes
The museum holdings are divided into five departments: the Cultural History and History Department (Zadar Municipal Museum), the Department of Ethnography, the Natural History Department and the Gallery of Fine Arts. The Museum is housed in two separate buildings, and uses for its activities a couple of facilities that are the property of the town (Municipal Loggia and Municipal Guardroom).
During the five years of war the museum was exposed to frequent artillery attacks from the immediate vicinity of the occupied hinterland around Zadar.


The museum holdings were stored in a safe place and wooden planks and sandbags protected the ground floor of the building. A part of the Natural History Collection was evacuated out of town.

Building damage:

September 30th 1991
During the shelling of the town, the Museum building received a direct hit. The roofing was damaged, as well as the ceiling and second floor interior, and 56 windowpanes on the courtyard side were broken.
The Municipal Guardroom, which houses the Department of Ethnography, had its roof damaged and two large ground-floor windows broken.
October 1st 1991
During the artillery attack on the town, the Museum building was again slightly damaged, and glass doors on the ground-floor were shattered.
October 19th 1991
During the aerial attack on the town, a part of the Museum building was hit by a rocket and had again sustained damage.
The roof of the Municipal Loggia, used as an exhibition salon of the Museum, was also damaged.

Structure damage:

The museum holdings were not damaged.
The evacuated holdings were returned to the Museum. The evacuated holdings were not damaged.

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