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Valpovo Regional Museum

31550 Valpovo
Normann Prandau Castle
Telephone: 031/650 490
Parent institution: Ustanova za kulturnu djelatnost " A. Evetovic Miroljub" / The "A. Evetovic Miroljub" Community Cultural Centre
Museum profile: local
Founded: 1954

Category of the museum collection: B
Category of the museum building: A
Number of inventoried museum items: 1457
Number of non-inventoried museum items: around 2100
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
The museum is housed in the Normann Prandau castle, a mediaeval fortress remodelled in the 18th century, when a wing was added to it, and renovated in 1805 to its present form. Apart from the ethnographic collection and a collection of recent history, the holdings consist of a valuable cultural history collection that includes the remaining inventory of the castle and the feudal estate, as well as a collection of hunting trophies.
The museum has no permanent exhibition and no professional museum staff, and the holdings are in storage. In 1990, restoration and repairs of the castle were begun, but the war had stopped all those activities; the repair work was resumed in 1996.


Most of the museum holdings were stored in the building, while a smaller number of items was stored in different places in town.

Building damage:

October 2nd 1991
The tower above the front of the palace was hit during a shell attack, so that the armature support of the upper part of the tower was damaged in the area of about ten square metres. Five hundred flat roof tiles were destroyed.
October 26th 1991
The roof of the front palace was struck by a direct hit, three posts and beams were damaged, about 1500 pieces of roof tiles and twenty meters of gutters were broken, and a support beam broken. Windowpanes were shattered.
December 13th 1991
The right roof wing from the courtyard side was hit, so that the beams and tiles in the area of three square metres were destroyed.
January 3rd 1992
A direct hit to the mediaeval tower made an indentation in the wall about 30 centimetres wide.
March 23rd 1992
A shell struck a left wing wall near the roofing and the damage was 35 centimetres in radius, and about ten centimetres deep.

Structure damage:

Due to inadequate storerooms, and the conditions to which they were exposed because of renovation of the castle complex, as well as the lack of professional care, the museum holdings are in extremely bad condition.

Valpovo, Museum of the Valpovo Region. The tower of the Prandau Normann Palace ruined by the shelling on 2nd October 1991,
(from MDC's photograph library)

Valpovo, Museum of the Valpovo Region.
(from MDC's photograph library)


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