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Sisak Town Museum

44000 Sisak
Ul. kralja Tomislava 10
Telephone: 044/43 080
Fax: 044/43 080
Museum profile: local
Founded: 1951

Category of the museum collection: B
Category of the museum building: A
Number of inventoried museum items: 11873
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 5857
Microfilmed museum inventories: yes
The museum is housed in three buildings: in the OLD TOWN of Sisak, a monument of the first category, in the GREAT CHAPTER HOUSE from the first half of the 19th century, and in the ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING in Tomislavova ulica 10. The Old Town and great Chapter House are awaiting restoration, so that the holdings (archaeology, ethnology, cultural history, gallery) are mostly in storage.
From 1991 to 1995 Sisak was endangered by the immediate vicinity of the occupied territory.


A selection of the most valuable items was carried out in all the Museum collections, in the specialised library and the photo archives. Selected items and specialised documentation were prepared for possible evacuation. For reasons of safety, all the inventory books were microfilmed, as well as the entry and exit books. Eighteen crates of museum holdings were evacuated to Zagreb. Rest of the holdings had remained stored in inadequate museum rooms.
* The evacuated material was returned to the museum in May of 1994.

Building damage:

December 30th 1991
During enemy shelling, a shell had hit the street right in front of the Administrative building in Tomislavova ulica. The shell had damaged the facade, broken all windows, and shell shrapnel and glass fragments had damaged museum holdings stored in the basement.
The Old Town was also shelled. The roofing and tiles were damaged.

Structure damage:

Shell shrapnel pierced a painting stored in the basement of the Administrative building. Through a hole in the roof, caused by shelling of the Old Town, rain seeped in and damaged one painting that was in storage.
Because of inadequate storage of evacuated material, seventy-seven ethnographic textiles were damaged (eaten by moths).

Damaged collection details►

The Sisak Museum.
Damaged painting.
(from the Sisak Museum's photographic library)

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