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Museum of Lika in Gospić

53000 Gospic
Ul. dr. A. Starčevica 27
Telephone: 053/572 051
Fax: 053/572 051
Museum profile: regional
Founded: 1958

Category of the museum collection: C
Category of the museum building: C
Number of inventoried museum items: 2353
Number of non-inventoried museum items: ?
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
Microfilmed archival material: no
The museum is housed in a late Baroque style building, built for the Military Border. The holdings are divided into archaeological, ethnographical, cultural and historical, and fine arts collections. The museum complex includes another three buildings - a wooden ethno-house, a single story building in the courtyard and the Small House (today the boiler house).
From September 1991 till August 1995 the museum was exposed to artillery fire and devastation from the occupied territory in the immediate vicinity.


After the beginning of the devastation, the holdings were packed in crates and metal cupboards and stored in the museum cellars.

Building damage:

September 8th 1991
During the heavy artillery attack on the town, mortar mines damaged the museum building. A bomb had exploded in the immediate vicinity of the building damaging the facade with splinters and breaking windowpanes.
Mid October, 1991
During the attack on the town, a chimney on the museum building was hit. The chimney had collapsed into the exhibition rooms.
Mid November 1991
In repeated, incessant attacks on the town, another direct hit had damaged the roof, a part of which had collapsed into the interior of the museum building.
9th September 1993
During the "Medački dzep" campaign, the roof was damaged again, and all the windowpanes on the main museum building were broken. The Small House had received a direct hit, as a result of which the single storey building and the ethno-house were also damaged.
August 4th 1995
During the "Oluja" campaign, an aerial bomb had destroyed the roof of the courtyard single storey building, and the ethno-house had suffered extensive damage.

Structure damage:

In the beginning of the war, five pictures loaned to the Public Health Fund had been burned down together with the building housing the Fund. Near the end of the war seventeen paintings and six ethnographic items were damaged in the museum storerooms. The ethnographic and cultural and historic holdings stored in the farmhouse next to the Tesla memorial house in Smiljan had burned down.

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Gospic, Front yard of Museum of Lika.
(Photo: Branka Šulc)

Gospić. Front yard of Museum of Lika.

(Photo: Branka Šulc)

Gospic, The Museum of Lika, 1991.

(Photo: Ivan Jelača)

Gospic, The Museum of Lika,
Archeological exhibits after shelling, 10/91
(Photo: Ivan Jelača)

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