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Gacka Museum in Otočac

53220 Otočac
Kralja Zvonimira 37
Telephone: 053/771 143
Fax: 053/771 143
Parent institution: Narodno sveučiliste / The Community Education Centre
Museum profile: local
Founded: 1962

Category of the museum collection: C
Category of the museum building: C
Number of inventoried museum items:
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 830
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
The museum is housed in a building built in the historicist style from the 19th century, which it shares with the Community Education Centre that also organises other activities. The museum has an archaeological collection, the Stojan Aralica memorial collection, a Patriotic War collection, a cultural and historical collection, as well as an ethnographic collection. The museum holdings are valuable, but the permanent display has been improvised, because the museum has no professional staff.
From 1991 to 1995 the museum was endangered by being in the immediate vicinity of the occupied territory.


Most of the museum holdings were removed to safe locations.

Building damage:

September 1991
Direct hits to the roofing had damaged the roof construction and tiling. Shrapnel splinters have damaged inner walls and panelling. A hole was blasted and a wall shaken on two places on the courtyard facade.
September 1991
Direct hits to the building had caused further damage. The roof construction and tiling were damaged again. The eastern gable wall was blasted and interior walls have collapsed. A direct hit had damaged the chimney for the central heating.

Structure damage:

The holdings were not damaged.

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