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The Belisce Museum

31551 Belisce
Vijenac S. H. Gutmanna 1
Telephone: 031/663-111
Fax: 031/663-562
Parent institution: d d Belisce 1884
Museum profile: industrial
Founded: 1975

Category of the museum collection: C
Category of the museum building: C
Number of inventoried museum items: 2274
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 1000
Microfilmed museum inventories: none
The museum is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Belisce. It holds items showing the founding, development and history of the settlement (founded in 1884) and industry of Belisce.
During the five years of war the museum was exposed to artillery attacks from the nearby occupied region.


The best part of the museum collections and the gallery holdings were packed and taken to a safe place. The memorial train and the signalling equipment had remained in the open.

Building damage:

October 6th 1991
In the artillery attack on Belisce, the museum was severely damaged. The roof was damaged, the entrance door was blown out of its place, all the windowpanes were shattered, and projectile splinters damaged the front and the sides of the building. The first room and office were severely damaged; the furniture was partially damaged, as well as the wall and wall panelling. The exhibition rooms had suffered lesser damage from projectile splinters.
January 1992
On two occasions, projectile splinters that fell in the courtyard of the building damaged the museum. A direct mortar hit caused the interior of the administrative building to be burned down (the cellars of that building house the gallery) together with its original equipment and furnishings dating from the beginning of the 20th century.
March 18th 1992
In the artillery attack on Belisce, two mortar shells hit the roof of the museum building. The roof construction, tiles and telephone line were damaged.

Structure damage:

The memorial train (locomotive and nine carriages) was damaged by mortar splinters, which had twice during the war fallen in the immediate vicinity of the train.
A mortar blew up the entry signal equipment. The antique furniture in the study had suffered minor abrasions from mortar splinters.


Cultural History collection - 5 damaged objects.

Science and Technology collection - 7 damaged and 1 destroyed object.

Damaged collection details►

The Belisce Museum,
Ruined memorial train
(from the photo documentation of The Belisce Museum)

The Belisce Museum,
Entrance to the building after the shelling on 3rd of January 1992
(from the photo documentation of The Belisce museum)

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