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Museum of the 1st Women's Partisan Company

23431 Plitvička jezera/Trnavac
Parent institution: the Memorial Natural Monument and Reservation Bijeli potoci-Kamensko
Type of museum: memorial
Founded: 1977

Category of museum holdings: C
Number of items: 151
The museum was founded in a village where the first women's partisan company was formed in 1942. The holdings of the museum include, apart from authentic items linked with the War of National Liberation, weapons, medals and citations, as well as original ethnographic items from this area that were donated to the Museum by women of the 1st Partisan Company.
The collection is protected by the formal decision concerning preventive protection (No. 03-UP/I-607/1) of the Regional Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Zagreb of June 20th 1986.
The collection was located in the territory that was occupied from 1991 to 1997, and professional staff and the service for the protection of monuments were denied access to it.


It was impossible to evacuate the holdings, but the list of items has been preserved with the formal decision concerning preventive protection.
Information concerning the museum during occupation:
* There is no information concerning the state of the collection during occupation.

Structure damage:

Damage to the museum holding and the holdings has been determined only after the liberation of the territory in August of 1995. The building housing the Museum was devastated, and the items have disappeared.

Damaged collection details►

Museum of the 1st Women's Partisan Company Building, Trnavac.

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