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Memorial Collection of the Battle of Batina

31306 Batina
Parent institution: The People's University Beli Manastir
Founded: 1983

Category of museum holdings: C
Number of museum items: 307

The Memorial House of the Battle of Batina housed a permanent museum exhibition with holdings (weapons and documents) linked with the Battle of Batina in 1944.
The collection was placed in the care of a curator employed at the People's University in Beli Manastir.
The collection was located in the occupied parts of Croatia from 1991 to 1997.


The collection remained on the occupied territory. According to the curator, he did not keep a list of items or photographic documentation relating to the collection, but an inventory of exhibited items was made in 1990.
Information concerning the Museum during occupation
* There is no information concerning the state of the collection during occupation.

Structure damage:

After liberation and the return of the region of Baranja to the Republic of Croatia, the collection of weapons, equipment and ammunition was found to be missing from the exhibition rooms. The curator has no knowledge about the fate of the items from the collection.
In order to determine the list of war damage, we used the Notes from the Inventory of the Collection with a list of items dated December 31st 1990, which was signed by the curator of the collection and the professional staff at the People's University.


Weapons collection - 19 missing objects.

Monument to the Battle of Batina (1944) by sculptor Antun Augustinčić in Memorial complex Battle of Batina (from MDC's photograph library)

A copy of the Inventory Book made by Committee NS Beli Manastir with highlighted objects that have disappeared during the War. (from MDC's documentation)

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