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Varaždin City Museum

42000 Varazdin
Strossmayerovo setaliste 7
Telephone: 042/212 918, 212 919
Fax: 042/51 519
Museum profile: regional
Founded: 1925

Category of the museum collection: A
Category of the museum building: A
Number of inventoried museum items: 43,211
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 56,535
Microfilmed museum inventories: yes
The museum is housed in a Renaissance fortress, the Old Town, built from the 14th to the 18th century. The holdings, which include tens of thousands of items, are divided into the archaeological, ethnographic and cultural history department, as well as the HISTORY DEPARTMENT, the entomological and GALLERY department, which are housed in other buildings.
Varazdin, as well as the museum buildings, had been exposed to artillery attacks in September of 1991, during the retreat of the Yugoslav Army from Varazdin.


The museum documentation of all departments was stored in metal crates, inventory books were separated from inventory cards and stored in different places. The most valuable museum items were selected and stored in metal crates. Crates and lists of items stored in each separate crate had been prepared for museum exhibits in the permanent exhibition, so that in a dangerous situation the items could be packed and stored in the basement. Shelters for the holdings and the museum workers were set up. Inventory books were microfilmed, and a copy of the films deposited at the MDC.
*The Varazdin Municipal Museum has in its storage facilities the museum holdings evacuated from the museums in Vinkovci, Osijek and Slavonski Brod, as well as the church inventory from the region of Slavonia and Baranja.

Structure damage:

The holdings were not damaged.

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