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Karlovac Town Museum

47000 Karlovac
Strossmayerov trg 7
Telephone: 047/228 666
Fax: 047/229 873
Museum profile: local history
Founded: 1952

Category of the museum collection: B
Category of the museum building: B
Number of inventoried museum items: 16159
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 1510
Microfilmed museum inventories: yes
Branch collection:
The Ribar Family Memorial House, Vukmanic

The Old School building (ethnographic and natural history material), Kamensko
The museum is housed in a 17th century Baroque building, which is one of the oldest examples of housing architecture of the so-called curia type, adapted to the urban way of life in a fortress. Rich funds are divided into several departments: archaeological, cultural history, ethnographic, historical and a department of natural history). The Vjekoslav Karas Gallery is situated in another building.
From October 1991 to August 1995 the Municipal Museum building was exposed to artillery attacks from the occupied territory that was situated in the immediate vicinity.
Branch collections and storerooms were on the occupied territory, inaccessible to museum workers.


The museum holdings underwent a selection process, and items categorised as "A" and "B" were evacuated to Zagreb in association with the Institute for Restoration of Works of Art from Zagreb.
The remaining holdings were stored on the ground floor of the museum and in inadequate rooms of the army barracks on Jelačic Square.
The Kamensko and Vukmanic storerooms had, because of lack of time, not been evacuated, and the holdings were not protected.

Building damage:

During the succession of attacks on the town from various heavy weapons, the museum building, newly renovated in 1990, had suffered multiple damage.
The most extensive damage had occurred in the period from October 4th to 7th 1991 and during the Operation "Oluja" ("Storm") in August of 1995. The courtyard wing roof had been the hardest hit, as well as the southern roof of the building which was hit by a mortar shell, which had damaged the coating, roof construction and gutters. Shell fragments damaged the eastern facade. All windowpanes were broken and the telephone line and central heating insulation were damaged.

Structure damage:

A part of the cultural and historical holdings, stored in the army barracks on Jelačic Square were damaged or stolen, due to inadequate storage conditions and break ins. The weapons collection, stored in Vukmanic, had disappeared.
Archaeological items had suffered minor damage while being moved to safer places. Items from the collection of natural history (geological, palaeonthological, botanical and zoological collections) were stored in the old school at Kamensko. Rooms and cupboards in which the collection was stored were broken and destroyed by a shell, and the entire collection, comprising of 934 items, was destroyed.
Ethnographic holdings, especially textile items, which were stored at Kamensko, had survived the shelling of the building, but were exposed to damp and to physical devastation. The revision of the collection had started immediately after liberation and the visit to the storerooms and the collection on the liberated territory. Numerous items were destroyed and had to be struck from the museum inventory books. The greater part of the collection had suffered major damage. A huge part of the damaged collection has already been restored or is in process of restoration. There are indications that a certain number of items has disappeared.
Because of a great number items that had disappeared, were destroyed or damaged in all the departments of the museum, the list of the damage is still in the process of being drawn up, so that the numbers given are not final.

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The Karlovac Municipal Museum, 08.01.1992.
(Photo: Jadranka Vinterhalter)

The Karlovac Municipal Museum,08.01.1992. 
(Photo: Jadranka Vinterhalter)

The Karlovac Municipal Museum, 08.01.1992.
(Photo: Jadranka Vinterhalter)

The Karlovac Municipal Museum, 08.01.1992.
(Photo: Jadranka Vinterhalter)

The Karlovac Municipal Museum, 07.10.1991.
(Photo: Zlatko Kale)

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