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The Ethnological Collection in the School, Slakovci

32242 Slakovci
Parent institution: the Vinkovci Town Museum
Founded: 1981

Category of museum holdings: C
Number of items: 300
The Ethnological Collection of the School in Slakovci near Vinkovci was founded in 1981 exclusively through donations made by villagers.
A teacher took care of the collection; he collected the items together with pupils, members of the School Ethnological Society. The collection had some 300 ethnographic items from the middle of the 19th century to the first quarter of the 20th century.
Professional assistance and advice was provided by an ethnographic curator from the Town Museum in Vinkovci, who also made an inventory of the most valuable items in the collection.
The collection was located in the territory that was occupied from 1991 to June 1997, and professional staff and the service for the protection of monuments were denied access to it.


The collection and the documentation concerning the collection remained unprotected on the occupied territory since it was impossible to evacuate the holdings.
The inventory list of the most valuable items, the donators and the photographic documentation of the collection have been preserved in the Vinkovci Town Museum.
Information concerning the museum during occupation:
* There is no information concerning the state of the collection during occupation.

Structure damage:

Damage to the museum holdings has been determined only after the liberation of the territory at the end of 1997. It was established that during the occupation, most of the village of Slakovci was burned. The building housing the collection has been devastated and the items have been destroyed.

Damaged collection details►

Traditional rural architecture of Slakovci region - čardak.

(Photographed in 1983.)

Slakovci, traditional rural house.

(Photographed in 1983.)

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