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Dubrovnik Museums – Ethnographic Museum

20000 Dubrovnik
Ulica od Rupa 2
Telephone: 020/ 412 545
Museum profile: ethnographic
Founded: 1940

Category of the museum collection: B
Category of the museum building: A
Number of inventoried museum items: 2481
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 2321
Microfilmed museum inventories: no
The "Rupe" Museum is housed in the old Dubrovnik granary, built in 1590. The original appearance of the ground floor has been preserved, with its three well-granaries carved into stone for the storage of grain. In the spring of 1991 the renovated permanent exhibition was put up, showing the traditional culture of the Dubrovnik region.
From October 1991 to October 1992 the museum was exposed to artillery attacks by the occupying army.


The permanent exhibition was dismantled, and the museum holdings were packed in metal and wooden boxes and stored in safer areas. The ground floor apertures were secured with sandbags.

Building damage:

October 23rd 1991
During the attack on the town launched from Yugoslav Navy's warships, a direct hit had severely damaged the northern roof eaves. Due to the detonations and splinters from the many projectiles that had hit the neighbouring buildings, the damage spread. Because of the shaking of the roofing and damage to the northern roof eaves, the damp has started to infiltrate the inner part of the museum.
November 6th 1991
During the attack on the town, a powerful projectile had hit the neighbouring building, next to the eastern facade of the "Rupe" Museum. The joints were heavily damaged and cracked, as well as the stone wall of the eastern facade, especially in the part of the gable on the level of the attic and the second floor. The damage had caused damp to seep into the inner parts of the building, at present in small gushes, to be seen on the wall surface all the way to the ground floor. The stone window ledges and the wooden window frames of the windows nearest to the blast were damaged. The glass was broken on most of museum windows. Three showcases and wardrobes for textile storage were damaged by direct hits of projectile splinters.
The museum storeroom housed in the building of the former printing press was hit by a 120 mm projectile with an explosive charge, which had fortunately not exploded. The projectile splinters had damaged the roofing and the windows.
The museum storeroom housed in the eastern wing of the ground floor of the Sponza Palace was damaged by projectile splinters which had fallen on the neighbouring street, so that the glass on showcases which were stored there was damaged.
The museum textile workshop is situated in a part of the complex of St. Mary's. A direct hit left it without existing equipment and material for working on textiles and conserving them.
May, June and July of 1992
During the bombardment of the town launched from the town harbour, the wall of the museum annexe was hit, and the windows were damaged. A direct hit on the neighbouring building (which was completely destroyed, the people inside wounded and one person killed in the doorway) damaged the museum, blasting out the office door and damaging walls and windows.

Structure damage:

Nine wooden objects from the holdings had suffered minor damage, as well as some photographs from the exhibition. Thirteen large-scale photographs from the permanent exhibition were destroyed.

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Dubrovnik Museums – Ethnographic Museum, damages to the Museum Building after shelling, October 1991.

(Photo: Damir Fabijanic)

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