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Šibenik Town Museum

22000 Sibenik
Gradska vrata 3
Telephone: 022/213 880
Fax: 022/213 355
Museum profile: regional
Founded: 1925

Category of the museum collection: B
Category of the museum building: B
Number of inventoried museum items: 22,778
Number of non-inventoried museum items: 36,923
Microfilmed museum inventories: yes
Local department:
BRIBIRSKA GLAVICA, archaeological site and museum collection in situ.
The museum is housed in the rector's palace and has archaeological, historical, cultural history and ethnographic departments, a library and restorer's workshop. The holdings, with over 20,000 items, document the history of Sibenik and its environs.


The permanent museum exhibition was dismantled and, together with the rest of the holdings, stored in a safe place. The inventory book and the rest of the documentation was packed and prepared for evacuation.

Building damage:

September 17th to 24th 1991
During the attacks on the town, a direct hit to the museum complex - the Rector's Palace - had damaged roof tiles of the northern wing over an area of 50 square meters, reinforced glass panes on the four roof skylights were broken and the lightning-rod conductor destroyed. Roof tiles on the southern wing were damaged. The southern facade of the building was damaged by three hits from 40-mm panzer shells. A shell had destroyed a burglar-detector in a part of the exhibition rooms. More windowpanes on the building were broken, and window woodwork was also damaged.
Shell shrapnel had damaged the atrium roof, the hydro-insulation and the atrium exhibition rooms.

Structure damage:

Lesser damage was noted on the stored holdings.

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